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Graduate Institution Of Engineering Technology-Doctoral program
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The graduate institute supported by the departments and graduate institute in the College of Engineering offers doctoral programs. The institute has two divisions. The major research areas are listed as follows

  • Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering, which include bio-chemical engineering, gene engineering and bio-information.
  • Mineral resources engineering, which include three fields in the academic research of institute, resource processing and material fabrication, resource application and material synthesis, resource exploitation and geological engineering.

Graduate Institute of Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering

 This institute is devoted to train the student to become an important leader and manager for the bio-industries. For sustainable development, this institute tries to investigate a technology to combine environmental resources and biotechnology. Biotechnology is a combination of many fields in science and technology. For this reason, this institute emphasizes that a researcher must coorperate with other researchers in the different fields. At present, the institute has 8 full-time faculty members coming from domestic and abroad well-known universities and all of them are specialists in both theory and practice.This institute emphasizes the practical aspect of technology according to the development of national biotechnology.The research and development covers the following area:

  • Biochemical engineering:The subjects include (1) biochemical reaction engineering (2) biochemical separation (3) drug release control (4) biosensor (5) The phenomena of cell membrane transportation.
  • Gene engineering:The subjects include (1) gene protein plasmid (2) protein engineering (3) tissue cell cultivation (4) biochips.
  • Bio-information:The subjects include (1) biomolecular simulation.(2) bioinformatics.
  • Biotechnology:The subjects include (1) nano-biotechnology (2) biomedical material.


Graduate Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering

The fields of resource engineering are extensive and broad, including the development, synthesis, fabrication, recycling and reutilization of energy, resources and green materials. Hence the intention of resource engineering is to integrate the technology of resource and materials with industry techniques. The main purpose of the Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering is to cultivate professionals in these fields of exploitation and processing of resource, application and fabrication of resource materials, recycling and regeneration. At present, the institute has 7 full-time faculty members coming from domestic and abroad well-known universities, all are of specialists in both theory and practice.

    Three fields included in the academic research of institute, and the directions of development of each one are as follows:

  • Resource Processing and Material Fabrication: application of mineral particle techniques, resource regeneration and reutilization of the waste, new techniques of high-efficiency separation and recycling, preparation techniques of new resourcezation and functional composite materials.
  • Resource Application and Material Synthesis: synthesis and application of functional nanometer materials (one dimension/two dimension), development of materials of solar cells, synthesis and application of various crystal materials, properties and application of gemstone materials.
  • Resource Exploitation and Geological Engineering: resource exploration and exploitation of natural minerals, research of explosives and blasting techniques, scientific research of geological engineering, research of occurrence mechanism and prevention for geological disasters.