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Graduate Institution Of Engineering Technology-Doctoral program
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Graduate Institute of Engineering Technology-Doctoral program


The graduate institute supported by the departments and graduate institute in the College of Engineering offers doctoral programs. The institute has seven divisions. The major research areas are listed as follows :

  1. Civil and disaster prevention engineering, which include structure, material, geotechnical engineering, architecture, transportation and disaster prevention management.
  2. Materials science and engineering, which include research in material composition, microscopic organization, and these materials covering metals, ceramics, electron, electro-optic, biomedical, energy, and nano-material.
  3. Organic polymeric engineering, which include organic materials, polymer materials, opto-electronic polymer materials, bio-medical materials and aero-space materials.
  4. Chemical engineering, which include separation process, nano-material and nano-technology, fine chemicals, electrochemistry, cleaner production, semiconductor manufacturing and process engineering.
  5. Environmental engineering and management, which include environmental engineering, water resource engineering, environmental management and resource recovery.
  6. Bio-technology, which include bio-chemical engineering, gene engineering and bio-information.
  7. Mineral resources engineering, which include three fields in the academic research of institute, resource processing and material fabrication, resource application and material synthesis, resource exploitation and geological engineering.


  1. To cultivate advanced specialists with both theoretical and practical skills in civil and disaster prevention engineering, material and mineral resources engineering, organic polymeric engineering, chemical engineering, environmental engineering & management and bio-technology areas.
  2. To give all students superior training in their chosen fields of study, to enhance the development of their creativity, critical thinking, global outlook, and prepares them to be lifelong learners.
  3.  To pursue knowledge in both fundamental and applied areas, and collaborating closely with business and industry in promoting technological innovation and economic development.
  4. Integrate the research manpower as well as the facilities in each department and graduate institute of College of Engineering to develop interdisciplinary research characteristics of this college.
  5. To cooperate the sustainable development policy of our country and to integrate the world trend into our education to produce constructive specialists with environmental moral, wisdom and virtue to meet the national construction needs.